Paper Sunflower Craft


This paper sunflower craft is one of the  easiest crafts! Check out this easy tutorial, complete with a free  sunflower card template. All you need is some craft paper and a few  supplies. Make this beautiful sunflower card craft next time you’re  feeling crafty!

This paper card sunflower craft is a fun summer craft for kids. I’ve  included a free printable sunflower template that will make this craft easy for or anyone from preschoolers and up! They are easy and cheap to  make.

Sunflower Card Supplies – Cardstock paper – Craft paper – Pencil – Ruler – Scissors – Glue

Step By Step Instructions Step 1: Cut out the petals, leaves and stems for the sunflowers. Step 2: Glue the leaves with the stems and glue the disk florets with the flower. Step 3: Then glue the flowers with the stems.