Non Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Free Printable!

Wondering what to fill Easter eggs with this year? Coming up with  ideas for egg fillers for the plastic Easter eggs can be hard,  especially if you don’t want to fill them with candy every year. This  list of non candy Easter egg filler ideas printable will be helpful to fill your kids’ Easter eggs this year!

Do you wonder every year “what can I put in the Easter eggs this year  that isn’t candy?” When the kids were little, I would usually put some  coins in some of the eggs and candy in the rest. It was exciting to get a  quarter in some of the eggs!

This free printable Easter egg filler list will give you a ton of different ideas for egg fillers for kids, teens and adults!

Whether you’re trying to decrease the amount of sugar the kids consume,  or are just looking for some non candy Easter egg filler ideas, this  cheat sheet will give you some great ideas!

Easter Egg Filler Ideas That Aren’t Candy