Easter Egg Dice Game

Free Printable!

This fun and easy Easter egg exchange dice game  is perfect for any Easter celebration. It’s a great activity for the  kids to play at a family party, and adults love this game too! You’ll  have a lot of fun and laughter. Enjoy and have fun with this free printable.

This fun, easy, and memorable Easter egg dice game is perfect for any  Easter celebration. Everyone has an Easter egg filled with goodies, then  all players sit in a circle with a randomly chosen egg taking turns to  roll the dice and completing the action stated based on the numbers  rolled.

Every player starts out holding a filled Easter egg. Each player gets a  chance to roll the dice and perform the corresponding action.

– A copy of this printable Easter dice game (which you can print at the bottom of this post!). – A set of dice. – Plastic filled Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Dice Game Supplies