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How To Upload SVG Files To Cricut Design Space

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Found the perfect SVG file but don’t know how to download it to your computer? Or do you have the file already and just don’t know how to upload it to Cricut Design Space software? Learn how to upload SVG files to Cricut Design Space with this step-by-step tutorial.

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This tutorial will help you through the process of downloading SVG files and getting them uploaded to Cricut Design Space easily.

What exactly are SVG files?

Also known as Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG files are one of the most used file types for sharing mainly two dimensional images over the internet.

These files are used in different cutting software, like Cricut Design Space, because they are easy for the cutting machine to support and work with.

How to Easily Download SVG Files

Most SVG files come with a download button or at least a download link when you order them, or get them free, from a website. You will be prompted to select where the file should be saved.

Ensure that you select a folder or path that you can easily remember. Saving directly on the desktop or in the downloads folder is the easiest choice. Then you will see the downloading process start in the browser somewhere.

Be sure the file is downloaded in the path that you selected.

How to Unzip an SVG File

On a Mac: Once you have downloaded the file successfully to your computer, you can double click it to unzip it quickly.

On Windows: You have to select and then right click on the file to choose the extract all option. Choose where the unzipped file should be stored. If you don’t give a specific location, it will take the current location as the default unzipping location as well.

After you unzip the file you will see the normal file folder at your selected location. You can then proceed to open the folder to check the content. You’ll able to see the image in different file formats that you can later use in different software programs or for any further usage.

Uploading SVG Files on Cricut Design Space

One thing to keep in mind is that you can upload the file on your computer software or upload it from your mobile device or tablet. The main prerequisite is to have an account already created so you can start using the files right away.

Cricut Design Space is a web based program which enables you to browse predefined projects or even create your own using images, fonts, etc. available on the platform.

To upload from your computer:

Open the computer application, go to Canvas and click on the upload option present on the bottom left of the screen. You’ll see recently viewed images by you, but you can click the upload file option to get a new file on the software.

Either manually browse for your file on the computer or simply drag and drop to Design Space. You can then give your image a name and add tags on the next page. The image can be seen in the recently uploaded section. You can select it and click the insert image button to start cutting the images.

To upload from your mobile app:

The mobile process is pretty much the same. You need to click the upload image, select the file you want to cut. Give it an appropriate name so you can filter it easily later. Then select it from the uploaded section and click the insert image to start cutting it as you want.

I hope this tutorial helped you through the process of how to upload SVG files To Cricut Design Space. Now you are ready to start cutting the image or do anything else you need to get done!

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