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Best Vinyl For Cricut Projects

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Looking for the best vinyl for your Cricut projects? Have you ever wanted to cut vinyl with a Cricut machine, but didn’t know how to get started? This guide will help you find the best vinyl for your Cricut.

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It can be overwhelming when it comes to picking the best vinyl for your Cricut craft projects. If you’ve never used a Cricut machine before, it can be a struggle to know which vinyl is the best among all the options on the market.

Instead of picking the best vinyl for the Cricut, it’s better to choose the vinyl that is ideal for the kind of project you want to do.

Does Any Vinyl Work with Cricut?

Yes! The Cricut can cut a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, iron-on, cardstock, fabric, poster board, and more.

Different Types Of Vinyl

Let’s talk about some vinyl options and what projects they are good for.

Oracal 631 Vinyl

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This is the vinyl I use for almost all of my projects. Oracal is regarded as the industry leader when it comes to craft vinyl because it’s easy to cut, reliable and weeds easily. It’s also easy to remove and doesn’t damage your walls and home decor.

This is the perfect indoor vinyl and the best for projects that won’t be exposed to outside elements. It’s sold as a temporary indoor vinyl, meaning that it’s great when you have plans to remove the vinyl design from its surface in the future.

The best part is it comes in a large variety of colors, and if you do a lot of vinyl crafting then you’ll want to stock up on a lot of different colors.

Oracal 631 Vinyl Specs

  • Finish: Matte. It won’t cause any glare or reflections on your products. 
  • Adhesive: Water based & removable. You can remove the vinyl without causing damage to your surface or paint. Plus, it won’t leave any adhesive behind.
  • Durability 3 plus years. I find that this vinyl lasts much longer than that though.
  • Thickness: 3 mils. It’s thicker than Oracal 651.
  • Waterproof: Water resistant. I would choose Oracal 651 for water-based projects instead.
  • Colors: 89 colors and 1 transparent.

Oracal 651 Vinyl

oracal 651 vinyl picture

If you are looking for something a little more permanent and something that won’t be damaged easily if used outdoors, Oracal 651 is a great option. This is not a great option to use on your beautiful walls in the house because it can damage the paint when you remove it from the walls.

It’s known as permanent or outside vinyl. 651 is great for car decals, wood signs, dishes, water bottles, plastic, glass, metal, tile, mugs, tumbers, and much more. It’s not considered dishwasher friendly. To have your vinyl designs last long it’s best to wash by hand.

Oracle 651 comes in a variety of colors. It also comes in metallic and glitter.

Oracal 651 Vinyl Specs

  • Finish: Gloss.
  • Adhesive: Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive.
  • Durability 6 plus years. I use this on my front door and it holds up very well.
  • Thickness: 2.5 mils.
  • Waterproof: Water resistant. Hand washing is best. I would not recommend submerging in water such as a dishwasher.
  • Colors: 60 high gloss colors, transparent, matte black and white and even three metallic colors.

Oracal also makes a 751, 851, and 951 vinyl which are all part of the 51 series. They are all permanent adhesive vinyl and the quality goes up with the higher number.

Vinyl Transfer Tape

transfer tape picture

You will need transfer tape to transfer the adhesive vinyl to your projects. Once the vinyl is cut and weeded, you’ll apply a layer of transfer tape over the design. Smooth the transfer tape over the vinyl with a squeegee so the transfer tape sticks well to the vinyl. Next, you will remove the backing from the vinyl.

Before applying the vinyl, make sure your surface area has been wiped clean and is completely dry. Place the vinyl in the desired location, smooth over the design once more, and remove the transfer paper. As you are pulling back the transfer paper, you may need to watch carefully to be sure the entire vinyl design is pulling apart from the transfer paper.

Siser EasyWeed

siser easyweed vinyl picture

Heat transfer vinyl is also known as HTV and iron-on. It’s used to decorate garments, shoes, mugs, kitchen towels, tumblers, hats, bags, pillowcases and so much more. It can be peeled hot or cold, and can be used on 100% polyester, 100% cotton, all poly/cotton blends, and even leather. HTV is perfect for any material that won’t melt with high heat.

Siser EasyWeed is probably the most popular HTV. It’s easy to work with which makes it beginner friendly and it also tends to last for a long time.

HTV is the only type of vinyl that does not need transfer tape. It uses the carrier sheet instead. The only major thing to keep in mind is to take off the carrier sheet at the right time, otherwise your project can get ruined by heat vinyl.

Siser EasyWeed Vinyl Specs

  • Polyurethane, ready-to-cut, custom garment decoration film.
  • 3.5 mil
  • Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Peels HOT or COLD
  • Extremely durable, wash after wash.
  • Layerable and an excellent choice for multi-color jobs.
  • Thinner than most HTV which makes it easier to weed.
  • When applied the HTV is light and flexible.
  • Weed small letters and fine designs easily without losing pieces.
  • Pressure sensitive carrier.
  • Medium pressure: 305° F for 10-15 seconds
  • Lower pressure than competitors.
  • Laser Friendly
  • CPSIA Certified

About The Carrier Sheet

Carrier sheets only apply to heat transfer vinyl (HTV). This is the sheet that protects your HTV and allows you to transfer it to your project with heat.

They are thin papers that stick to the back of the vinyl that you can easily remove later when you are ready to place the vinyl.

Which Vinyl Should You Use?

It depends entirely on what your project is. If you are ironing on vinyl or using a heat press, then Siser EasyWeed is what you will want. For adhesive vinyl that will stick to a surface, you will want to use Oracal. 651 is permanent and 631 is removable.

I hope this guide helped you learn about some of the Best Vinyl For Cricut Projects.

The next step is to pick the one that best fits your needs or the type of project you wish to do on your Cricut machine. Happy Crafting!

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