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Welcome to Mama Is Crafting! I’m a grandmother of five amazing grandchildren and along with me and their mothers they all love to craft!

Having grown up in an era where crafting and making things was very fashionable I learnt many different ways of making things for fun and for gifts. As time has progressed there are many new and wonderful ways of crafting now and some of my favorite ways to craft are to design and create SVG files and cut the designs on vinyl and cardboard. I do however love designing and with the great design programs that we now have available to us it is so easy to make printables. I use the my Cricut Maker all the time to make stickers and other wonderful things for parties etc. and it is so fun!

I love kids crafts, including coloring pages and fun printables to use for different types of celebrations.

When I am with my grandchildren we are always doing some craft activities. I love to collect various craft ideas and items and when I visit them we spend hours making and creating some very fun projects.

When I’m not busy crafting, I work in a job where I use my design talent and skills making and designing marketing materials and organising the companies special events. We also love to travel and have a well equipped motorhome that is a home away from home with some of our many comforts. Even when we travel I can still do some crafting and designing.

Through this website I hope to be able to bring to you some new and exciting things that you can try in your home and with your children. I will be adding new fun stuff frequently so check back with us often.

Yours in crafting and design